Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have arrived in Alaska! Another US state to cross off my list (Jes, I may be beating you soon!). After almost 18 hours of being in airports, planes, buses and shuttles, I finally arrived at my hotel in Fairbanks, AK at 1:15 am local time. I am dead tired, with only a few hours of sleep but so excited that I couldn't sleep if I tried.

This blog will have lots of science-y things in it, so feel free to browse if you don't want to read every word of the technical stuff.

I just finished reading "Into the Wild" on the plane ride here. I think it's neat to read non-fiction books about adventures that happened in a place I'm about to visit. I am currently in the University of Alaska, where Chris McCandless visited to buy a book about edible plants just before leaving civilization forever. And I'm in the same building that has the big satellite dish that Chris's father helped design while working for NASA.

I'm hanging out in Fairbanks for just a few days until I fly into the Arctic Circle - to Kaktovik on Barter Island (you can google map it). Then the real adventure begins!


  1. Parental Units say, "Go, Allison!!" Have a safe flight and stay warm. Happy Valentine's Day! Where do we send the card?? May the magnetic reconnection grace you with a spectacular Dance of the Spirits.

  2. awesome Allison! sounds like a blast! hope your having fun and can't wait to hear more about all of it!

  3. Well... you can send cards here I think - but who knows when I'll be leaving. Might be Friday, might be in a week and a half. So better just send it to NH!