Monday, January 30, 2012

Back for More

I'm heading back to Alaska in about a week and a half to participate in the launch of another sounding rocket: MICA (Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the Alfven Resonator). This time I will be staying at the rocket range the entire time, instead of fleeing to some far-flung place during the actual launch. It seems this will not help me escape the nightmarish cold though, since Alaska is having its coldest January in over a decade. Fun for me.

So check back often, starting next week, and I will once again regale you with tales from the frozen north. Hopefully this will involve some games of Settlers, moose sightings, and snow tubing at the rocket range.


  1. Yay let the frozen adventures begin again!

  2. Oh, you get to stick around this time? Fun, fun. Do you get to do the frantic drive down to TM when you pick up the count? Iowa Steve pulled some pretty sweet handbrake slides on CHARM 2.

    And who gets to be Camera-Bitch in the middle of nowhere, this time, Ian?

    1. I get to stick around Fairbanks for the duration! And yes, I will probably get to be the crazy TM stunt driver. And, right again, Ian gets to be Camera Bitch up at Fort Yukon, where the temperatures are around -50 about now. Fun times all around!