Thursday, January 21, 2010

David Attenborough!

Last night I went to burger bar, a famous past time here in McMurdo. Every Sunday and Wednesday, one of the bars here has a burger night where they will sell you a burger (or veggie burger!) with every topping you could want plus a side of fries for only $2! It was way better than the normal Galley food. I hung out with some people and got inducted into something called Team Extreme, which might be a good or bad thing - remains to be seen! The sickness still lingers, but it is transforming into something slightly better. I need to stay hydrated! Here is a helpful reminder that can be seen on the back of all the toilet stall doors.

Despite the broken English, it's very good advice! Today (Thursday) was a great day, since I can finally see the end of the project. We will be done packing everything up by tomorrow sometime and the next flight North will be Tuesday, so I'll be on that one. Should be back to NH by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Today I disassembled some clamps, drove a truck around doing errands to get rid of our leftover materials and had the commander of the group of the New Zealand armed forces here offer "some men" to help if I needed any heavy lifting done. Sadly, one of our coils got destroyed while being dug up. But everything else seems to have survived intact so I think we're doing good. Tonight was the famous talk by Sir David Attenborough.

He spoke of the Birds of Paradise and their mating habits and of Darwin's contemporary, Alfred Wallace, who had many of the same ideas and studied these birds for years. He also took some questions at the end, one of which was "Where do you want to go that you haven't been yet?" His answer was the Gobi Desert... So I've been one place David Attenborough hasn't. Cool! He was quite an animated speaker for being 83 years old. He also had a great story about being manhandled by a huge female gorilla in Rwanda.

After the lecture, I went to hang out with some cool people. And I think I got a ticket on a trip to see Pegasus this Sunday! The Pegasus is not just the name of the runway here, it is also the name of the crashed plane buried in the ice nearby. So we may go out and check that out this weekend. Tomorrow I have a hike planned for Observation Hill after work.

One more thing to say before passing out for the night: Happy Birthday, Sarah!! (even though she's already asleep and won't see this until tomorrow)

{Actual posting date: Thursday, January 21st, bedtime}

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