Monday, January 11, 2010

Going to the ICE!!

It's high time to re-start the blog! I'm off on another research trip, but this time it's the Frozen South I'm going to. Currently I'm hanging out in Christchurch, New Zealand - a decidedly cute little Kiwi city. I left home on Friday, January 8th and, a mere three days later, it's Tuesday already. Gotta love that international travel.

The voyage to NZ was actually a bit horrendous. 30+ hours of air travel with a couple "close calls" on our connections. One of which was so close, that we had to literally disbark in Detroit and sprint from Terminal C to Terminal A during the 10 mins before our next plane left. As I was rounding the last corner to the gate (out of breath and sure to have a heart attack at any moment), I actually heard the final boarding warning announcing that they were about to close the doors. It was almost straight out of a movie, I felt like Hugo on that Lost episode where he absolutely must catch that plane. Anyway, we made it and we also made the Sydney connection (where we were ushered up to first class so we could be the first ones out and make a run for it) but our bags didn't. But I did finally get my luggage, a day after making it to New Zealand, and managed to not be too upset about wearing stinky airplane clothes for three days.

Yesterday we headed over to the Antarctic center and specifically the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) to get briefed on our extreme cold weather gear. Then the men & ladies separated so we could each go try on the clothes they had set aside for us. I ended up having to exchange my small parka for an XXS and it's still huge, but everything else mostly fit.

Today I'm leaving the warm, summery island of NZ in favor of the vast continent of Antarctica. Our C-17 jet (cute little gray military plane) was scheduled to leave early this morning, but we've since been delayed three times so I'm killing time at the hotel. We have a five hour flight (lame!) that may turn into a 10 hour flight if we have to boomerang and head back just before landing due to Antarcitc weather conditions. Believe me, I'm glad to be stuck in NZ waiting for a delayed flight than having to boomerang. I'll be staying at McMurdo station for the duration of the Antarctic stay, but there's plenty of internet access so blog posts will be published. The next one tomorrow hopefully, if we make it down to the ice today! Keep your fingers crossed for me...

{actual post was on Tuesday, January 12th - posting from the other side of the international dateline!}

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  1. Hey, Allison - The northbound part of the family says hello! Mom, Dad, and Heather hope you stay warm!