Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots of publicity!

For some strange reason, we have had a lot of media attention over this rocket launch. Maybe not enough tragic death in the world for them right now? Who knows. But they latched on for a few seconds. Here are some of the more interesting links:

Local Fairbanks paper, the News Miner

MSNBC Week in Pictures - Picture #3

CNN video

Foster's Daily Democrat

Astronomy magazine

Pretty good stuff considering NASA didn't publicize this launch at all. (They never do, don't ask me why.)

Allsky image taken by a camera at Poker run by a Japanese group


  1. Whoa! Those pictures are awesome. Makes me want to go back and get a physics degree. Next trip back to NC (if there is one) I want to hear about all the cool astronomy stuff you are doing.

    1. Doug! You're on the internets!

      Yes, fun stuff. Unfortunately there is a ridiculous amount of hard work before the pretty pictures. You should definitely get a physics degree.

      I'm normally in NC a few times a year. Next up: Memorial Day week.