Sunday, February 12, 2012

Payload assembled

It is my second day here on the range and most everything has been readied for us to open the launch window on schedule for Monday night. Hooray for this being a much easier payload to assemble than the last one.

Here is our payload with the nose cone ready to get fitted:

And here is a grand example of what happens when the payload is almost done and you're one of the people who has cause to still be working on something:

That's Phil in the limelight; there is a ring of photographers outside the visible group of spectators. I absolutely love the pose that Clay (one of the technicians) is striking.

And finally, the nose cone is mated, and Jay, our mission manager, is smashing a champagne bottle on the finished payload or something:

If you look carefully you can see yours truly gawking at the payload in all its glory.

Tonight (and tomorrow) the NASA Wallops support teams have off work but the science team is practicing observing from the science center and getting the hang of our optics and instrument displays in preparation of the big day.

All pictures in this post courtesy of Kevin Rhodes.

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